The ERHC is the Northeast’s premier organization for helicopter operators and industry professionals. Partnering with communities and government, the ERHC has worked tirelessly to achieve the increased safety, efficiency, and utility of the helicopter throughout the region.

    Our many valuable programs include:


    The ERHC, together with the ATC and charting officials, released an improved New York Helicopter Route Chart. We also continue our efforts to modernize instrument flight capabilities in the region, and will soon secure state-of-the-art GPS instrument approaches for NYC heliports.


    Through our Helicopter Advocacy Program (HAP), the ERHC serves as a liaison between operators and local residents. By facilitating mutual understanding and allowing us to address community concerns, HAP is helping to ensure the future of continued helicopter operations in the region.


    The ERHC was proud to utilize its Emergency Response Program to aid Northeast residents affected by Superstorm Sandy in Fall 2012. Our members flew first responders to emergency sites and transported food, water, and other needed supplies to hard-hit communities. We remain vigilant and prepared to offer our services to the region in times of need.


    Our membership includes individuals, small businesses and aviation service providers, manufacturers, the area’s largest flight departments, and an airline, creating a unique community of interests and unparalleled networking of ideas among operators large and small. Through our organization, new pilots have access to the knowledge and experience of those members who have been operating in the area for years.


    Our newsletter, web site, and email list keep ERHC members aware of the latest information on flight restrictions and other issues affecting flight operations. ERHC’s connections with regulators and information sources allow members to stay ahead of the curve.


    Our meetings provide opportunities to get the latest updates and connect with operators and industry professionals. Go to Meeting Schedule for more information.

    Types of Memberships

    Regular Members


    Make it possible for the Council to do its work, and benefit most directly from the resulting safety 
    Defined as: “Any Operator of helicopters for Commercial purposes, Private use, as a business aide, or any Federal, State or Municipal Governmental entity operating helicopters.” 


    Associate Members


    Benefit by helping make it possible for the Council to do its work, for the benefit of all.
    Defined as: “Corporation, Person, Partnership or other Business entity which is a primary manufacturer of helicopters or components, offering a certified product to the industry, or a provider of supplies or services for helicopter operators, or manufacturer of equipment integral to non- helicopter flight operations, including airframes, engines and parts.” 


    Individual Members


    Are the backbone of the Council’s strength in honing professionalism.
    Defined as: “Any person interested in promoting the goals and purpose of the ERHC in accordance with the Code of Ethics.” 

    Individual Membership Application


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