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    Welcome to new ERHC Chairman Tom McCormick!

    Good afternoon all. I am pleased to share with you the results of the election and the board meeting that followed the Annual Meeting this past Saturday. 

    Let me start by saying Thank You to our members and sponsors who were able to view and participate in the webinar, and to all those who helped make it such a success. From my perspective all of the presentations were very well done and, in many ways, every bit as substantial as the actual meetings we have enjoyed in the past. Our seamless transition to the virtual world resulted from the hard work and preparation by many who contributed during the weeks and months that lead up to it and- in no small part- due to the legwork Lauren Pulsinellin has done to update our website and by incorporating technology into administrative routines. For those of you who missed it, I encourage you to visit the Events page of the ERHC website to view the presentations of the webinar itself.

    I also want to thank Rich Huggins and Jeff Smith for their hard work and dedication to the board over these many years. They have been working tirelessly in the background for more than a decade, and have allowed us to successfully navigate enormous financial and political headwinds for as long as I can remember. For the first time in many years we have reached stability on the financial front, but continue to face mounting challenges on the local, state, and federal front. It's increasingly important to remain engaged on these issues and build upon the alliances with agencies and organizations we have developed over the past four decades. I am grateful that Rich and Jeff remain committed to the ERHC, and will continue to contribute beyond their tenure on the board itself.

    Next I want to congratulate Blair Payton and Ryan Rowzee for stepping up to fill the vacancies on the board of directors. Along with Craig Casucci and Autumn Cabaniss, who joined us one year ago, it is very helpful and refreshing to have a renewed sense of enthusiasm and energy that we need to build the momentum we have enjoyed thus far. It is exciting to see them focusing on the importance of Social Media and the Newsletter to keep our members informed and up to speed on the opportunities and challenges that face our industry.

    Finally, I would like to share some background about me as I embark on my role as Chairman. I have been flying helicopters since 1987 and a cumulative total of more than 20 years in the greater New York metropolitan area. I began my flying career with the US Army and continued with the US Coast Guard after the Persian Gulf War. My first exposure to ERHC was during my first tour with the USCG in 1992 at Air Station Brooklyn on Floyd Bennett Field. Upon retirement in 2008, I returned to the New York area and have flown for a variety of Part 91 operators from all of the FBOs on Teterboro Airport. In the winter of 2012, I volunteered to fill a vacancy on the ERHC Board of Directors and have served on the board since then as a director, member of the IFR committee, and most recently as Vice Chairman. I genuinely look forward to working with the membership, and the board, as we continue to overcome the challenges that 2020 has presented us all.


    Tom McCormick
    ERHC Board of Directors