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    2020 ERHC Annual Meeting

    Hello everyone.  I am writing this letter to update everyone on recent decisions made by the ERHC Board of Directors.

    As everyone knows, COVID-19 has totally disrupted almost every aspect of our lives both professional and personal.

    The ERHC Annual Meeting is one that everyone looks forward to.  This is where, besides the mandated items, the state of our industry is discussed (safety, government, noise abatement, etc.) and what and how issues the membership feels needs to be addressed.  Sponsors are recognized and shown the appreciation that the ERHC Membership has for their support.  The annual rewards banquet and raffles that everyone looks forward to.  It is the time where we all reflect and meet to share our previous year’s experiences.

    The ERHC has been grappling with the restrictions, both past and present, that are making the scheduling of the ERHC Annual Meeting a nightmare.  The Board has met twice monthly (by phone) to try to come up with a solution. One of the biggest problems has been the continuous changing of the restrictions placed on meetings and events.  The ERHC Board was planning on having the event at the Ocean Palace in Long Branch again this year. But if we reserved the dates and all of the items needed to be locked in for us to have the meeting, the ERHC would have to submit a substantial reservation fee to hold these items.  Unfortunately, this money would be non-refundable if the COVID-19 restrictions would prohibit the meeting.  We tried our best to try and negotiate this point, to no avail.  We also tried to schedule the Hanover Marriott for an abbreviated annual meeting, but again ran into the same problems, high deposit, no refund, no food.  We even tried to plan it in a hangar for half a day, but present restrictions in the NY tri-state region would prohibit this.

    ERHC By-Laws mandate an annual meeting be held. This meeting is needed to elect BOD candidates, present an annual treasures report, etc.  The ERHC Board of Directors met this past Tuesday and made the following decisions:

    1. Since we cannot have an in person annual meeting, we are scheduling a Webinar meeting for the membership on September 19th. It is during this meeting we will be taking care of the mandated items that are necessitated by the ERHC by-laws:
      1. Chairman Report
      2. Election of Officers
      3. Treasures Report
      4. UNGA Briefing (not in by-laws): at the present time we are not positive if there will even be an UNGA this year, and if so, it may be a scaled down version. Paul Tramontana will keep the membership updated.
    1. The ERHC will try to schedule an in-person Annual Meeting for the end of the year. Of course, the success of this will be driven by the restrictions in place at that time.  If we cannot have an in-person meeting by the end of the year, then the ERHC BOD’s will then decide how to proceed.

    So that is the plan as of this moment. The ERHC Board is working on a system to cast ballots digitally for the webinar, and the candidates for election to the ERHC Board will be sent out to be voted on. The new candidates whom expressed interest in joining the ERHC Board of Directors are fresh faces that bring new blood into the ERHC Board, very encouraging.

    With the above in mind, I want to let everyone know this will be my last year as Chairman of the ERHC.  At a later time, I will send out my final Chairman’s message.  I will say with confidence that our new Chairman elect will be one whom leads the fight that the ERHC feels is necessary to protect the rights of our membership.

    As always, please contact me at any time with your concerns, questions, and ideas.  It is always my privilege to serve as your ERHC Chairman.


    Richard D Huggins
    Chairman ERHC
    (252) 452-7425
    [email protected]