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    To the ERHC Membership:

    I am reaching out to you because we are working on a project to see how advanced vision technology could impact new and/or current rotorcraft operation(s) or operational concepts. Nolan Crawford and Scott McClellan, are working with me from the FAA’s Aviation Safety Organization. Scott is the Lead Focal for Enhanced Flight Vision Systems within the FAA’s Office of Aviation Safety Flight Technologies and Procedures Division (AFS-400) and Nolan is in the same division (AFS-400) but is more focused on Operations in general including Vision Systems.

    “The FAA is interested in obtaining operator feedback towards identifying any current or future operations that might benefit as candidates for operational credit using vision systems technology. While we are focused on the safety benefits of the technology, we are also seeking feedback from your association and the operators represented by ERHC towards any interest in potentially reducing visibility minima for certain IFR operations (i.e. PInS, Runway Approach, etc.). This will help inform where the FAA should focus its limited research efforts to insure that any policy, guidance, or regulatory changes meet the needs of the vertical lift community. We would welcome your feedback and would like to coordinate further discussions with individual operators or a collection of operators within ERHC membership."

    We would like to get your membership's thoughts on this, particularly since your membership operates Corporate/VIP and other mission segments in the New York/Philadelphia area.

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    Please contact any one (or all) at the below addresses with your comments and thoughts.

    Cliff Johnson
    [email protected]

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