Eastern Region Helicopter Council (ERHC) was started in 1977 by local helicopter pilots, who were interested in the availability of IFR flight for rotorcraft. Their ad hoc meetings in New York City, using the initial name of Northeast Helicopter Operator Council (NEHOC), was the initial step in forming the eastern seaboard’s first, locally organized aviation group to represent helicopters. 

    After the charter member pilots realized their success in joining together with respect to the IFR issue, they incorporated their organization in 1979, renaming it Eastern Region Helicopter Council, Inc., a non-profit organization, to represent their interests in aviation. 

    Since its inception, ERHC has always had an active community outreach program to address the concerns of residents, relating to helicopter and heliport issues. In 1982, the ERHC was awarded the first ever Fly Neighborly Award by Helicopter Association International (HAI), and is featured as an example in the Fly Neighborly Guide. 

    Around the year 2000, an extensive email network was established for all members concerning safety issues, Airspace Flight Restrictions, noise abatement issues, and regulatory issues, in and around the New York Metro area. 
    ERHC continues to dedicate efforts toward the completion of RNAV helicopter approaches and satellite-based IFR routes along the Northeastern corridor. 

    In early 2007, operators, FAA, and communties got together to agree to voluntarily fly less along the Track route past JFK airport to address community concerns expressed in 2006. The next best alternative for summer flights to eastern Long Island was as high as possible over LGA and the north shore of LI. A new route was placed on the helicopter route chart and over the summer of 2008, helicopter traffic measured in detail on two holiday weekends showed over 90% compliance with recommendations. Detailed evaluation of over 2,000 flights in track and altitude on the voluntary noise abatement routings at East Hampton airport (HTO) showed 83% of flights on or not applicable in track, and 68% in altitude. The leading helicopter operator achieved over 90% in track and altitude on over 600 monitored flights. Special Advisor Robert Grotell attended over 40 meetings, plus, provided personal and written testimony to numerous public officials at numerous public hearings. 

    ERHC is an affiliate member of Helicopter Association International (HAI) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA). Since 2007, we have strengthened our bonds with other local aviation groups, such as the Mid-Atlantic Pilots Association (MAPA), Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition (MAAC), Long Island Business Aviation Association (LIBAA), and New Jersey Aviation Association (NJAA). 

    Our first priority always has been, and remains - Safety